Kimberly Rivers Roberts, co-director of the Academy Award Nominated documentary Trouble the Water, presents FEAR NO GUMBO - a documentary about what it's been like to watch New Orleans "recover" over the past 11 years. 

Fear No Gumbo is a well-rounded, inspirational story of recovery. It not only exposes the many disservices her community has endured following the mass devastation of Hurricane Katrina, but also shows the rich culture and many charms the city has to offer – exactly what many are fighting to save.

In this film, you’ll witness Kimberly taking on big money juggernauts with issues like gentrification and zoning laws. She also fights for her artistic credit and to get the images and stories about Katrina back to their rightful owners, the survivors. In this film you’ll see the love and passion that this city’s residents have for their culture and history and why it is worth fighting for.