​Madina wrote, recorded and produced four original songs for Trouble the Water, which would eventually be featured on her debut album by the same name. The "Trouble the Water" track left a lasting impression of her rapping and writing prowess, receiving an Oscar nomination for "Best Original Song in a Film", while the movie itself was also nominated for Best Documentary Feature.



Queen Madina music is the truth! 
From her soul to yours.

It is music that makes you dance, grind and get paid! Queen is a real female hip-hop rapper! True art, from a real Queens point a view.

Very artistic and original, the Queen's music is best described as an infectious blend of heavy-duty beats, truthfully raw rhymes and that unmistakable southern hip-hop swag.

Delivering hard-hitting hip hop from her soul to yours, budding New Orleans icon Queen Kold Madina is making headlines again, this time with her brand new single LET ME featured on her upcoming sophomore LP - FEAR NO GUMBO.  ​

The star of Trouble the Water - an influential, ground breaking documentary on Hurricane Katrina - is back and rising to the top of the music scene.

​After hitting the studio with a fresh clip of tracks and a new library of lyrics, Queen Koldmadina is prepared to unleash her latest creation - FEAR NO GUMBO - onto the unsuspecting ears of the world. Her upcoming single LET ME will lead the charge. Produced by the Queen and CO- PRODUCED BY RICK NASIRE, LET ME is the ultimate celebration of the Queens magnificent experiences thus far. The song really means I KNOW WHO I AM, GET OUT THE WAY AND LET ME EXPRESS ME!  

The full record will hit stores in August 2016. Plans are also underway for an accompanying music videos and tours, while she continues to promote her homegrown Born Hustler Records label.